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Transforming Saudi Arabia’s future with leading-edge logistics, security, smart solutions, and real estate. A powerhouse driving growth and innovation.


“Logistics plays a critical role in driving economic growth and prosperity, especially in our country where we heavily rely on this sector to support our economic transformation. We are committed to strengthening the infrastructure and creating a favorable investment environment to make the Kingdom an attractive destination for global investment. Our focus is to improve logistics services by providing necessary support and adopting initiatives that contribute to enhancing the sector’s performance and increasing efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong and sustainable economy that aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

— His Highness the Crown Prince

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud



Transportation and logistics

Amnco Security Guards

Real estate activities

City parking and road management

Private civil security solutions

BATIC's Multifaceted Ventures

The BATIC Group is a public company that was founded in 1984 and is listed on the Saudi stock market. The group invests in various sectors including logistics, security services such as guards and money transportation, smart city solutions services, real estate development, and facilities management.



Pioneering Logistics: From 1984 to Joint Stock Evolution

Batic was established in 1984 and became a joint stock company in 1991.

Leading the Way in Trucking and Long-haul Services

The company operated in the trucking and long-haul services.

Amnco & Mubarrad: A Strategic Milestone

In 2015, Amnco was acquired by Mubarrad.

BATIC Investments & Logistics: A New Chapter

In 2017, Mubarrad changed its name to Batic Investments & Logistics Company

Venturing into Innovation with Trukkin

In 2017, Batic made its first VC investment in Trukkin.

Amnco's Expansion: Embracing FM Solutions

In 2019, Amnco acquired Amnco FM.

Smart Cities Solutions: Shaping the Future

In 2021, Batic acquired Smart Cities Solutions Co.

BATIC Real Estate: Building Tomorrow

In 2022, Batic Real Estate became a fully operational subsidiary, with a prosperous growth in the near future

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