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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of the necessary pillars of community life, for the sake of individual and social progress. Indeed, the true value of an individual as a community is measured by the extent to which he bears responsibility towards himself and others. Social responsibility is the continuous commitment of companies and institutions to contribute to achieving economic development and work to improve the quality of living conditions for the workforce and their families, the local community and society. Social responsibility is not a charitable act, but a moral obligation to contribute to the development and development of society. The progress of societies is measured by the extent of individuals’ growth and social maturity and the extent of their sense of that responsibility that imposes cooperation, solidarity, respect, love, good treatment and serious participation. From this standpoint, BATIC Investment and Logistics Company and its subsidiaries seek to fulfill their role towards social responsibility to ensure that all members of society support its development goals and mission and recognize its existence, and contribute to the success of its goals, as BATIC Investment and Logistics Company and its subsidiaries believe in the importance of contributing In community service and assistance in the process of social development, BATIC Investment and Logistics Company and its subsidiaries adopt a social message that aims to enrich its contribution to community service due to its realization that this community has rights and duties on its children, whether they are individuals or companies, and this has been achieved through several channels according to what follows

  • Contribute to meeting the needs of society in the field of Saudization of employees and various donations and cooperate with government and private agencies in national events.
  • Creating new and innovative job opportunities through the products and services provided by the company to the people of this community.
  • Providing many training programs for the company’s employees to develop them and raise their efficiency and skills.
  • Provide a safe and stable work environment for all employees in the various branches of the company to provide them with the opportunity for job stability.
  • Achieving high percentages of Saudization of jobs with it to provide the opportunity for graduates from this country to obtain suitable work for them and support them with programs for training and development to raise them to the highest levels of employment.
  • Continuing support for many charitable and private associations and institutions.

Therefore, the success of BATIC Investment and Logistics Company and its subsidiaries playing its role in social responsibility depends mainly on its commitment to three main criteria:

The company continues its efforts to adopt and implement many community service programs that are consistent with the company’s mission and values, and reflect its absolute commitment to improving the social and living conditions of the needy groups and providing for their needs through the development of programs, policies and management of social responsibility aimed at helping the largest possible segment of society, and works to Establishing strong relations with the segments of society that contribute to advancing the comprehensive development wheel in this dear country. The motive behind the company’s adoption of these programs and policies is its quest to make a big difference, not only by providing assistance, but by encouraging and enabling the sons and daughters of the country to employ their skills and experience in developing their society.